My name is Leonardo Valencia, also known as "leov" when using my digital persona in some trading websites. In terms of my academic and professional background, I'm an Electrical Engineer, and I spent more than 18 years of my life working in the Electronic Design Automation sector. I had the privilege of working for Bell Labs and for Cadence Design Systems, and as a result of my work, I have been awarded a couple patents by the USPTO: 9,189,578 and 7,617,084

In terms of trading experience, I have been trading options and volatility for more than 20 years. It is that experience, as well as my solid mathematical background, that I'm sharing in this book with all of you.

I retired in early 2015 from the Engineering world, and I'm a full-time trader now, which is a very interesting change of perspective as well as a great challenge that keeps me sharp every day. All of the experiences and designed trades in this book are based on real life trades I have done over all these years. I also run a private volatility fund (Blue DVF) and still do some engineering consulting in the EDA space.