How to use this book

I adhere to the school of thought that says that knowledge should be available to anyone that is interested in it. I also believe that there should be compensation when a service is provided, as well as when knowledge is transferred, even more so if said knowledge will allow the student to profit directly from it. So in the spirit of both philosophies, I'm making part of this book freely accessible for anyone, but in order to access the full contents of the book, payment will be required. I know this might disappoint many of you, but that is how it is. I would like to get compensated appropriately for taking the time to create this book and also for the expert knowledge that it contains. I want to believe that a big portion of the audience for a book like this would agree with me, as this is how capitalism works, and of course, playing the markets is the ultimate game in capitalism.

Because I don't really have the time or expertise to create a full pay-walled website, I'm piggybacking on the Google Sites infrastructure. So, if you are actually interested in buying the book, you will require at a minimum a Google account and to be logged into said account to be able to access the restricted content. If you don't have a Gmail account, creating a new one is simple and should take only a few minutes.

Buying the book is simple: You make a payment through PayPal and in the payment details you write the Google email that will be used to access the site, and presto: when logged into that account, you will be able to see the protected content. The total cost of the book is US $100. It is just a one-time payment; you will never have to pay more money to keep accessing this site. The easiest way to process this transaction is through PayPal, but if you prefer a different payment method, please contact me and we can arrange something else. When paying with PayPal, please add a note to the seller with the Gmail account you want to use to access the book, or send me an email with the payment details and I'll take care of it too.

If you have questions about the book or any of the examples in it, or if you are just curious, please drop me an email at:

Thanks for visiting, and happy reading. The best place to start looking is at the Contents.