At this time I'm including the Long Gamma Optimizer here, so you can design your own trades for a limited set of underlyings: SPX, GDX, GLD, QQQ, VXX, IWM, SPY, AAPL, AMZN, TSLA, USO.

If you want a new underlying added just drop me an email and I'll add it if it is very popular.

The Long Gamma Optimizer is very simple to use:
  • Select the underlying.
  • Choose the type of move you want to play: Up or Down.
  • Pick the size of the move.
  • Also pick the number of points you are willing to take (the stop)
  • Finally, choose the number of days you expect the move to take.
The optimizer will run through the whole option chain and run the simulation. The pricing engine used is decent and relatively fast, there are also IV surface dynamics that are taken into account but this is not a full pricing engine. Picking the right strike and expiration for the scenario is done very fast and it is very helpful.

Please play with the optimizer and let me know what you thing:

Have fun and I hope you enjoy this simple yet powerful tool.